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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Timeline JS- Beautifully Crafted Timelines


Timeline JS is a free tool that allows users to build interactive timelines and embed media such as Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, You Tube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud, and more. The timeline can be published in 40 different languages and is easy to use. It can be has simple or detailed as the user wants it to be. The tool allows it's users to evaluate the tool and offer feedback.


I have never used this tool and was able to learn it within ten minutes. The thing that took the most time was finding pictures to match my timeline events. My computer was also a bit slow and I kept getting dialogue boxes pop up asking about script. I am not sure if this was an error for my computer or the program. All of the steps are listed on the website so as long as a user follows the steps they will be able to create a timeline. The website provides example Timelines for users to view and questions can be asked if problems occur.

I found the timeline tool to be fun and would like to use this with my students. This tool is a useful way to integrate technology and research to create a clean, organized, and visually pleasing timeline.


1)Access the Timeline website and scroll down to Make a Timeline.

2) Click the Google Spreadsheet Template box. You will be directed to a template with information filled into the chart. Make your own copy by going to "File, Make a Copy". Rename the copy with the name that you want for your timeline. Next Delete the information that is in the document but keep the first row that lists the categories (Start date, end date, Media, etc.)

3) Type in the information that you want to include in the timeline. If you want to include pictures or videos copy the website and paste it into the Media box. If you want to include a caption, it will be below the image in your timeline.

4) After all of your information is plugged in, go to "File" and click "Publish to Web". Next click "Start Publishing." A URL will be produced. Copy it.

5) Return to the Timeline website and paste the URL for your timeline into the generator on the page (Next to step 3 on Timeline website).

6) The URL will appear in a box below the generator (next to Step 4 on the website). Click "Preview" to view your timeline. Click "Link to Preview" to get the link for your timeline.

7) Paste the timeline link into your email, blog, Facebook, etc.

The timeline is complete!


  1. Hi Melissa?

    It seems that this was easy to use and also provides a different way to create a timeline ... or presentation (things can happen seconds apart after all).

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I am so happy you made a timeline to share with us! This seems like an extremely interesting tool to use, and I am happy to hear it is easy to use. I think students making personal timelines, much like you did, would be facinating. Students could even make them at the end of the school year for the academic year. And of course, I could think of many ways this could be applied in social studies, even though I don't teach it.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I agree with Tanna! How cool! I really like the fact that you can add pictures and then share it in the social media!
    I can see myself and my students using this tool!

  4. I really like how this tool gives you the ability to embed a youtube video. Students will be able to use this to introduce themselves and their culture during the beginning of the school year.

  5. What a great tool to use with kids for getting to know you projects... thanks for sharing your life with us, too, Melissa.

  6. Very cool, I could see this being GREAT for ELLs trying to get a handle on past tenses. Thanks for sharing yours!